Star Eater

Being possessed isn’t like the movies, television, or manga, at least not for Kai. There is no green vomit, weird languages, no horns, no bodily marks of any kind unless you count the small starburst scar at the corner of his mouth. For Kai, it consists mostly of waking up in places other than his bed because his demon, Akuma, likes to look at the night sky, a behavior that makes keeping Akuma a secret from his parents and the world at large a little difficult. Still, Kai persists in living just under the radar. That is, until boy and demon are recognized by a mob boss in the supernatural underworld of Los Angeles. Blackmailed into service, Kai must navigate the workings of a dangerous and violent clan all while trying to do the most difficult thing of all: appear normal.

Star Eater is a teen fiction urban fantasy which features supernatural dealings, LGBTQ+ romance, and a very snarky demon.

Pillar of Heaven

Kate McGovern is a recent college grad stuck in a crappy barista position who can’t find a good job. Then her favorite customer recommends her for an executive assistant position to one of the richest men in Boston. The catch—he’s the kind of boss that expects his employees to read his mind. Literally. Plus, someone is trying to kill him, and if Kate doesn’t keep him alive the world might end. No big deal. First jobs are always tough, right?

Pillar of Heaven is the first in an urban fantasy series featuring terrible job interviews, delicious coffee, and telepaths galore.