Casting Call

These are my picks for who would play the parts if this book was turned into a movie (one can dream.) Have a better suggestion? I’m all ears! Hit me up via Twitter or Facebook and tell me your suggestions.

Kat Dennings

Character: Kate McGovern

I’ve been a fan of Kat Dennings for years. She not only physically is a great pick for Kate, but she’s got wonderful comedic timing—she’s sarcastic enough and she also can pull off a vulnerability that Kate has at times in the story.

Logan Lerman

Character: Jack Urbina

So, other than his constant smile, Jack’s trademark attribute is that he looks way younger than he is. Logan Lerman is one of those actors like Rob Lowe or Paul Rudd that never seems to age. Dude has been playing teenagers for over a decade and he’s almost thirty. Yeah, my money is on this guy.

Helen Mirren

Character: Mrs. O'Doole

First of all, I would like to be Helen Mirren when I grow up. Talk about a badass! But, putting her awesomeness aside, Helen Mirren would be perfect for this role. I’m thinking specifically of her from The Queen. Mrs. O’Doole hails back from the time when a woman’s  shoes were dyed to match her suit perfectly. That sort of English prim, proper, fully composed at all times woman is how I see Mrs. O’Doole.

Liev Schrieber

Character: Mr. Waites

There’s not a lot of actors that can pull off portraying Mr. Waites without making him seem one dimensional. Liev Schrieber brings an intensity but also the ability to subtly display a range of emotions. My second pick for Mr. Waites was Michael Chiklis, but I’m not sure he could pull off a full head of hair.

Dave Bautista

Character: Bruno D'Albis

Dave Bautista has already proven his chops with a variety of roles. His character from Guardians of the Galaxy makes him easily lovable and that’s essentially what Bruno is.

Bingbing Li

Character: Sylvia Brisbois

Sylvia is a powerhouse, a powerhouse with issues, sure but still. I first became aware of Bingbing Li in The Meg which was both an entertaining and terrible movie. But she’s got the exact look of Sylvia and I think she’d do well in this role.

Adam Brody

Character: August Cohen

I went mostly with looks on this one, not only in terms of handsomeness but also in terms of  arrogance. Adam Brody might honestly be the nicest guy on earth (I have no idea) but he looks a bit like an arrogant SOB and anyone who plays August is going to need that.

Anthony Mackie

Character: Mike Bazemore

I don’t think we need much explanation for this one. Since flying into America’s hearts as Sam Wilson, and also just being generally gorgeous, Anthony Mackie is my choice for Mike Bazemore.

Matt Damon

Character: Stew Williams

Stew Williams is a relatively small role as the homeless vet that helps Kate escape her shadow. I wanted an actor who doesn’t take himself too seriously, but with a big enough name to make this character memorable. Hence, Matt Damon.

Nick Offerman

Character: Kate's Dad

Legitimately, who doesn’t want Nick Offerman as their dad? Yes, he was awesome as Ron Swanson, but I really fell in love with him in Hearts Beat Loud, the indie flick he did. Super down to earth and approachable, I think he’d provide the right amount of guilt-tripping and love that Kate’s dad imbues.