Pillar of Heaven Playlist

Keep Your Head Up

Artist: Andy Grammer This really describes Kate in the beginning of the book.

Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now

Artist: The Smiths The interview process.


Artist: Lily Allen
Is this Jack's song or what?

My Life

Artist: Billy Joel
Kate and her dad have an ongoing joke about when she was a kid, she thought everyone on the radio was Billy Joel. As much as I love The Piano Man (I mean, who doesn't?), this song seems more appropriate for the stage of life Kate is in.

Life is a Lemon and I Want My Money Back

Artist: Meatloaf
One of the songs Kate references in conversation with her dad. Meatloaf...classic.

Forever Young

Artist: Rod Stewart
Kate's dad's favorite song, and the way he thinks about her.

Sky is Falling

Artist: Bret Levick
When Mr. Waites disappears and Kate is left on her own.

A Little Wicked

Artist: Valerie Broussard
This song reminds me a lot of Sylvia. She may be the bad guy, but she has her reasons. She's also tired of people telling her what to do.

you should see me in a crown

Artist: Billy Eillish
For the moment when Sylvia gets the Pillar. You can almost hear it playing in the background.


Artist: Beastie Boys
For when Kate challenges Sylvia for the Pillar. To be fair, I would include Sabotage in pretty much any playlist. It is my "go-to" fight scene song.

Sky Full of Stars

Artist: Cold Play