Casting Call

These are my picks for who would play the parts if this book was turned into a movie. This was actually a much more difficult casting call than the one I did for Pillar of Heaven. I wrote this manuscript years ago and many of my top choices have aged out. For example, for Kai my top choice was Ryan Potter. Dude is friggin adorable and he voiced the character Hiro in Big Hero 6. As a preteen, the pics of him are spot on what I think of as Kai. But, he’s in his twenties now and, unfortunately, just no longer the right age. Womp, womp. So here are my other picks. Most of the younger actors were chosen mostly for their looks as closely to the characters as they are either newcomers or young in their career.

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Dylan Curtis

Character: Kai Davault

So Dylan Kento Curtis (which is a great name btw) is just starting his career. He’s got the right look, and despite the intensity of this particular photo, there’s a bunch that have a California vibe to them, which is perfect for Kai. Dylan was also in The Mandolorian, and that in and of itself endears him to me as all Mandolorian things do.

Chosen Jacobs

Character: Link Palmer

Chosen Jacobs (another great name) hit the Hollywood scene hard. He’s been in IT and IT: Chapter Two,and Hawaii Five-O. He’s at an age where he’s still a little gawky which is exactly the kind of quality Link needs, while still striving to be cool and grown up. And, obviously, Chosen can play a range.

Jules LeBlanc

Character: Ava Wright

Really, I wanted a sweet-faced actress for Ava, someone you never see coming. Jules LeBlanc has that quality without having the sort of sharp or exaggerated features in so many actresses. She’s in a new show, Side Hustle, which I’m going to check out immediately after this post. 

So much of Ava’s character is not being noticed and still having an almost childlike softness/cuteness to her features. I haven’t seen her in action but I think this actress has that.

Brandon Spink

Character: Mason Wright

Brandon Spink (unfortunate last name) played a young Bruce Wayne in Batman v. Superman and Baelfire on Once Upon A Time- which was a great character.
In this photo he’s probably going for serious, but it comes across a little grim, which is Mason’s top quality. I like that this actor has a bit of a longer career despite his young age because Mason is complicated. He’s going to need someone that can give the character nuance.

JR Bourne

Character: Joseph Wright

Initially, my first thought for Joseph was Jason Isaacs. The man definitely can portray cruel although I’ve heard in real life, he’s a super nice guy. But I’m not sure I can look at him without seeing Lucious Malfoy at this point.

JR Bourne, on the other hand, is perfect for Joseph Wright. He’s got a presence to him and the ability to project menace. I loved him as a baddie (and even later as a goodie) in Teen Wolf. And he’s a leader which I think is important for this role. Besides…those piercing eyes.


Josh Brolin

Character: Akuma (Voice)

I was bouncing between Laurence Fishburne and Josh Brolin for this one. What swayed me is that I think Laurence Fishburne’s voice is  more recognizable (and possibly more distracting) because of it although I do love it.

Josh Brolin has a great gravel quality to his voice that can be both warm and intensely threatening. Depending on the situation, Akuma can switch at the drop of a hat. So this is my choice for Akuma’s voice. The body would probably have to   be CGI.

Ludi Lin

Character: Kai's Dad

Kai’s dad isn’t a huge role but it is very specific. He’s got to look too young to play the part and have a little bit of a douche in him. Ludi Lin’s character in Power Rangers had that mildly arrogant, chip on the shoulder. Plus, he’s in the age range that Kai’s dad appears plus there’s a slight prettiness to him which I think is appropriate for the look of this character.

Adam Baldwin

Character: Mr. Palmer

Uh, who doesn’t love Adam Baldwin? Between his roles in Chuck, Firefly, and Castle, he’s a fan favorite. Typically, he’s type-cast in a military or cop role and I’m not sparing him that. Actually, it’s the reason I thought of him. Mr. Palmer is ex-military and a bomb expert. He’s needs to project that strict, no-nonsense attitude that Casey (from Chuck) had. But for the sake of Mr. Palmer’s character, he needs to eventually show more depth, more softness. Adam Baldwin is totally capable of that and that’s why I think he’d make this role awesome.