Star Eater Playlist

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The Boy Who Swallowed a Star

Artist: Joe Hisashi
This song is from the Howl's Moving Castle Soundtrack and that scene inspired a huge part of Kai's story, the swallowing of the star. I had the character already - this sleepwalking boy who wakes up in the bed of his crush - but this scene inspired this notion of what set Kai apart. I loved the idea of a strange boy having a tiny universe inside of him which spawned Akuma's character and from there the story grew. So, although musically, this doesn't really go with any of the other songs, it has to be the first.

Used to the Darkness

Artist: Des Rocs
Appropriate for Kai's life in general, but particularly for waking up in the predawn of L.A. Came across Des Rocs recently and I feel like a lot of their music fits the darker, edgy visuals I associate with Kai's story in my head.


Artist: SR-71
Mason's theme song. Another song that was really popular in the early 2000s and difficult to track down for whatever reason, but this describes so much of Mason's inner turmoil.


Artist: The Retinas
The scene when Kai's dad comes to pick him up. Describes their entire relationship.

Way Down We Go

Artist: Kaleo
I can see this song playing in the background when Akuma breaks into the hydrogen plant and also as Link goes to see Jeff.


Artist: Labrinth
The jewelry heist. (Couldn't find this track on Amazon which surprised me because it was featured on an Apple commercial not too long ago. Anyway, it's on Spotify.)

Let Me Live/Let Me Die

Artist: Des Rocs
Kai and Akuma sneak into the FBI while Mason goes to finally recover the case.

One of a Kind

Artist: Lit
Akuma in action in the last fight. I came across this song years ago from a Naruto AMV that was superb. Seemed appropriate to include it since Akuma is such a fan of Naruto. (Couldn't find this track on Amazon either but it's on Spotify.)

Counting Stars

Artist: One Republic
Kai and Akuma try to right a wrong at the end of the book. (You knew this song had to be included somewhere.)